Saturday, February 25, 2012

Monster Jam

Earlier this month Charlie told me about a monster truck show coming to Baltimore and wanted to take John.  John was sick the last time he got monster truck show tickets and took Jessi instead.  I got on the computer and searched for the best seats I could as inexpensively as possible.  After searching for awhile I found seats practically in the front row very reasonably priced.

The day finally arrived for the guys to go to Monster Jam.  The day started off well enough.  Charlie and John met up with another friend and his kids and they headed off to Baltimore.  As the show went on John started to get really grumpy and complaining about his ear hurting again (same problem that kept him from going to the monster truck show the month before)  Charlie thought the day was going to be a complete waste and there was nothing he could do because he carpooled with his friend and his kids.

John made it through most of the show and by the end of the show John had fallen asleep.  Conked out right there in his seat.  It was a difficult day for Charlie since John was showing signs of another ear infection, but, all in all, he's glad he got to take John out and do something special with his best buddy.