Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dirty Boy

A couple weeks ago my vacuum died. I was devastated. I'm tellin ya, this vacuum was a champ. Over the past several weeks leading up to it's demise, it was literally falling apart. The adjustable wheel lift underneath next to the beater bar (that raised and lowered the vacuum height based on bare floor and carpet thickness) had actually broken off and was now only working on "bare floor" level. The caps on the pivot wheels were missing. You had to prop the vacuum against a wall when you were done because it no longer clicked into place when you set the vacuum upright after you were done using it. Anywho. You get the point. It was on it's last leg but kept on chugging.

Vacuuming is my absolute favorite household chore. I really like the bissell brand vacuum and wanted to get another Bissell to replace the one that died. I looked up Bissell's on amazon.com to compare and read reviews and find the one that I thought would best suit my vacuuming needs. I wanted one that would be good at picking up pet hair and cleaning up after messy children.

After scouring through all kinds of Bissel models and reviews I found another bagless I liked and it was reasonably priced. I called Charlie to tell him about the vacuum and he told me to go ahead and order it.

I, not so patiently, waited for it to arrive. When it did I was practically doing cartwheels through the house. (did I mention vacuuming is my favorite?). I got right to it and went through the house making up for a week and half of not vacuuming.




I filled the bagless canister after going through all the rooms in my house. Time to empty it. Well, this bagless was a different set up for disposing of dust and dirt then my old bagless. This one emptied through the bottom of the canister whereas my old one emptied through the top. I'm fiddling with the canister trying to find where it opens up to empty it. I'm pushing and pulling on this and that when, finally, I push the right button and the bottom flies open and all the dirt, dust and crumbs explode out and all over my son, John.

Poor kid didn't know what hit him. He was just standing next to me watching me try to figure out the new canister and next thing he knows he's covered in all the dusty, dirty ick from the canister. He looked at me in shock and disbelief. I burst out laughing and telling him how sorry I was for getting him all dirty.

Surprisingly, he wasn't upset at all. I carefully and slowly guided him back to the bathroom to get him cleaned up. Once he was showered and clean again I went back into the kitchen to clean up mess.

Now that I know how the bagless canister works, this kind of thing won't happen again.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big Girl Bed

Now that the girls have their own rooms, I thought it was time for Jessi to get a 'big girl bed'. She's been in a crib the longest out of all 3 of my kids, but, because of the room sharing issue we've had it was best for Jessi to be in a crib to keep her out of Tabytha's stuff during nap/bedtime.

The very weekend the wall went up my friend posted on facebook that she was selling both of her kids toddler beds. What perfect timing!!! I emailed my friend and told her I wanted her daughters toddler bed for Jessi and she said it was all mine. We made arrangements for me to come pick it up the following Saturday.

I was so excited! I got the bed from my friend, who threw in some fitted sheets and blankets. I couldn't wait to get it home and set it up for Jessi. When we got home I left it in the bed of the truck while I disassembled the crib and brought the pieces outside. The toddler bed was still completely assembled from my friend. Tabytha helped me carry it back to Jessi's room and I put it in the spot where her crib used to be.

Jessi was squealing with delight at her new bed and played in it for quite awhile after putting it in her room. I was a little worried about her not adjusting to it very well at first when it was time to actually sleep in it for naps and bedtime. That night I got her all tucked into her new bed and set up a baby gate in the hallway so she wouldn't come out every 5 seconds (because of her new found 'freedom'). She cried one time after I turned off the light and that was because she didn't have her 'snuggle blanket' in bed with her. After I got it for her, gave her another goodnight kiss and turned out the light, she didn't make another peep.

She did great her first night in her new bed. Nap time the next day was a little bit of a different story. She didn't stay in her bed, but, she didn't cry and fuss to come out, either. She just played in her room until she fell asleep in the middle of the floor. She'll get the hang of it soon enough.