Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Birthday Beach Weekend

My husband's birthday is in the middle of July.  For the past few years we've celebrated it by going to the beach for a day.  This year was no different, although this year we made it a weekend.  We headed down Thursday after Charlie got home from work.  When we woke up Friday we made our way to the 'Jolly Rogers Water park'.  I brought a waterproof disposable camera with me.  

When we got into the water park I applied sunblock to everyone.  The kids were ready to go.  Tabytha went off to do water slides she likes, Charlie took John on water slides he was tall enough to go on and Jessi and I spent the day in the kiddie pools and small water slides.  We always have a great time while we're there.  This year I was able to enjoy a lap around the lazy river :)

After nearly 5 hours at the water park it was time to head back to the apartment we were staying at.  Everyone got cleaned up and we went out to dinner.  Once our bellies were full Charlie, the kids and I found our way to the inlet to have some fun at "Trimpers", a small amusement park the kids love!  Trimpers has dozens of rides and roller coasters designed for young children.  John and Jessi always have a great time when we go.  Tabytha is old enough (and tall enough) to go on the grownup rides and roller coasters.  She was able to go on a couple by herself.  She and I always go on one particular roller coaster together, it's "our thing" to do at Trimpers.  Charlie isn't much on roller coasters so he pretty much just watches the kids from the sidelines.  I'm ever present with my camera and finger on the trigger watching the kids squeal with delight and have fun.  

It was late when we were done at the amusement park and went back to the apartment for some shut eye.  Saturday was spent at Tower Beach playing in the sand and splashing in the ocean.  Jessi doesn't like going in the ocean and likes to spend her time at the beach playing in the sand.  John and Tabytha both love splashing around in the ocean with Charlie.  I'm content to sit under the shade of the canopy and relax watching everyone have a good time.

I used up the film in the disposable camera and had it developed a couple days after we got home.  Not all the photo's turned out as nice as I'd hoped, but, that's how it goes sometimes when you use a film camera rather than a digital.  I still love film cameras and did get some pretty good pictures of the kids while we were at the water park and the beach.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th Of July Fun

The past few years we've been happy celebrating the 4th of July staying put at home.  I've felt that John and Jessi have been too young, and therefore, unable to have the patience needed to drive somewhere, find parking, walk to the 'perfect spot' and sit in the hot sun for hours surrounded by throngs of people waiting for the sun to go down to enjoy a 15-20 minute firework show.  Come to think of it, my husband doesn't have the patience, either.  (hahaha!)

Last year and this year Charlie's been part of the 4th of July parade with the fire dept in Smyrna, DE.  So, we've had that to do.  After the parade we come home and enjoy splashing around in the pool to keep cool.  We do burgers and hot dogs on the grill and usually a friend or two will stop by and hang out with us.  

The past 3 years we've gotten our own "Fireworks" to do in our front yard.  It's a lot of fun having our own personal firework show.  The kids laugh and squeal as the fireworks burst with showers of light.  I always sit back and take pictures and Charlie (along with whoever is hanging out with us) set them up and light them.  I really like our little tradition.  Because it's ours and not something we share with hundreds of other people.  It makes it just a little more special and I hope these are some of the things my kids will look back on and smile at when they think back on their childhood and remember how we did the 4th of July.