Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fix A Flat

Over the weekend I had a tire blow out on me while I was driving. It was taken care of and Monday I took the blown tire back in the bed of Charlie's pickup truck to Sears to be replaced. It was a little more expensive then we thought it would be, but, it was a need that had to be taken care of.

When Charlie got home Monday night he put the new tire on the car and our neighbor took it to work with him Tuesday morning. (2 of his coworkers were interested in buying the car and wanted to see it). Our neighbor was barely 40 miles down the road and the tire that had been replaced (less then 24 hours before) had blown out!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Nick was able to get the spare on and get to work. A few phone calls to Sears later I was basically told I'd have to buy a new tire because it was most likely "driver error" even though the tire was barely a day old and there was no way it could be a problem with the tire or the employee who put the new tire on the rim. I tried explaining I was just there the day before and asked if there was ANYTHING that could be done to help me out because I didn't have the money to pay for another tire. The employee told me he'd talk to his manager and have the manager call me back in the afternoon when he got into work.

A few hours into the afternoon and I still hadn't heard from the manager. I called back to ask for the manager and the person I spoke with earlier said the manager wasn't coming in at all! I was getting annoyed.

I won't lie, I was really ticked off with Sears basically blowing me off. I called the 800 number for Sears customer service to complain about the way I was blow off by the store. They called the store to find out what could be done and they told customer service the same thing they told me, basically, they felt it wasn't their problem and I'd have to buy another tire. But, this time, the customer service rep I spoke to told me to go back to the store with the tire and deal with one specific employee who was told the situation and wasn't who I had dealt with on the phone before.

This morning I packed up the kids, again, and headed back to Sears. This time, I prayed before I did anything. I asked the Lord to be with me and soften my heart and take my frustration away and be able to talk calmly and hear what they had to say about the tire.

The service person I spoke to took the tire and the kids and I went in the waiting area. Several minutes pass and the service person comes to me to say they're going to replace the tire for free because the blowout happened from the inside of the tire and was deemed a 'defective' tire.

WHEW! Thank you Lord! 20 minutes later I've got a new tire and I'm on my way home.

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