Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Addition To Our Family

Tonight, when my husband called to let me know he was on his way home from work, he asked me "How mad would you be if I brought home a cat tonight?". I laughed it off and said there's no way he had a cat in his truck. He proceeded to tell me he DID in fact have a cat and he was going to prove it when we got off the phone and text a picture to me. Well, the text was a big blur of darkness and didn't resemble anything close to a cat.

I'm a "cat person" to the core. My husband is a "dog person" to the core. When we met he said he had a dog and asked if I had any pets. I didn't but said I love cats. He told me up front he's allergic and doesn't really like cats. Well, since I didn't have a cat when we met, it wasn't that big of deal knowing I wouldn't be able to have one again being with him. I didn't have any deep longing desire to have a cat again and was totally fine with not having one if our relationship went deeper and we ended up getting married. (which we did, obviously, lol

Charlie had talked about a cat at the lot that would jump up into his truck when he was unloading his cars and they developed a special "bond" in passing each day when he'd get back to the office. The cat had been abandoned nearby and found his way to the lot Charlie brings his cars back to each day and this is the cat he said he was bringing home. Someone was going to take him to the local pound but Charlie said he'd rather give him a home instead of taking the chance of not being adopted from the SPCA and possibly being put down.

I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about him bringing home a cat. I didn't say anything to the kids so that it would be a surprise for them. When Charlie got home and brought in a pet carrier with the cat in it the kids went crazy. They were so excited and wanted the cat out of the carrier so they could pet him. We didn't open it right away. He stayed in the carrier in the living room getting used to the idea of being in a new home while we sat down to dinner. During dinner Charlie said one of the guys at the lot had been calling the cat "Boots" and the kids figured it was a good name and would keep it.

After dinner Charlie took Tabytha with him to Target to get Boots a litter box. While he was gone I got Jessi to bed (it was after 8pm at this point). Once she was settled in her room I opened the carrier door and let Boots come out and explore his new surroundings. I told John to leave him alone while he got used to being out of the carrier and sniffed around. He came up to both John and me and let us give him a quick pat on the back and he went on his way. I gave him some food (Charlie remembered that on his way home) and let him get settled.

Charlie and Tabytha got home and we set up the litter box. As soon as we were done pouring the litter into the box Boots went in to use it. He came to us already litter trained! What a pleasant surprise :)

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