Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th Of July Fun

The past few years we've been happy celebrating the 4th of July staying put at home.  I've felt that John and Jessi have been too young, and therefore, unable to have the patience needed to drive somewhere, find parking, walk to the 'perfect spot' and sit in the hot sun for hours surrounded by throngs of people waiting for the sun to go down to enjoy a 15-20 minute firework show.  Come to think of it, my husband doesn't have the patience, either.  (hahaha!)

Last year and this year Charlie's been part of the 4th of July parade with the fire dept in Smyrna, DE.  So, we've had that to do.  After the parade we come home and enjoy splashing around in the pool to keep cool.  We do burgers and hot dogs on the grill and usually a friend or two will stop by and hang out with us.  

The past 3 years we've gotten our own "Fireworks" to do in our front yard.  It's a lot of fun having our own personal firework show.  The kids laugh and squeal as the fireworks burst with showers of light.  I always sit back and take pictures and Charlie (along with whoever is hanging out with us) set them up and light them.  I really like our little tradition.  Because it's ours and not something we share with hundreds of other people.  It makes it just a little more special and I hope these are some of the things my kids will look back on and smile at when they think back on their childhood and remember how we did the 4th of July.

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