Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Marriage Milestone

Today marks Charlie's and my 5th wedding anniversary.

The day we were legally married was a rainy dreary day. Our only witnesses to this new union were my parents, Charlie's parents, my dear friend Drea and my parents dog, Max. There were circumstances surrounding getting married before our formally announced wedding date (March 11, 2006) and no, I wasn't pregnant, but the reasons are not something I'd like to blog about.

So, around 6:30 that rainy Wednesday evening we all gathered in my parents living room and Pastor Tom began. We said our vows, exchanged rings and sealed it all with a kiss.My mom made a huge dinner of spaghetti, homemade sauce, biscuits and even got a small cake for Charlie and I to cut and feed each other. My parents also said that they would keep Tabytha for the night so Charlie and I could go to a hotel for the rest of the night and have some time alone. We said our goodbyes after dinner and went to Annapolis and checked into a hotel. The next morning we made our rounds to the MVA, Social Security Administration and bank to notify them of my new last name.

Since I already purchased my wedding dress we kept our original wedding date for the rest of our friends and family to be a part of and get professional pictures taken. Both days were wonderful. Charlie and I celebrate our 'legal' wedding date each year on January 11th and this year marked 5 years married. We'll go out this weekend to celebrate with dinner and movie w/o the kids with us. Looking forward to that and what the years to come with bring for us.

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