Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Fit

I recently learned that a YMCA has opened up a couple towns away. To lure locals to join they've waived the joining fee for the month of January. When Tabytha and John got home from school I packed everyone up and we went to join.

They offer a child care during certain hours of the day. Several hours during the morning a several hours in the evening. It's been wonderful. I'm severely out of shape (well, round is a shape technically) so I've been spending my hour on the treadmill until I have the chance to have a consultation with one of the employees about the kind of workout that would work best for me.

The treadmills, ellipticals and stair steppers all have TV's equipped on them and you can plug in your own earphones and watch tv while you're using the equipment which has been a fantastic distraction to watching the clock wondering how much longer I have to go on the machine.

John and Jessi had a bit of a rough start in the child care area getting along with the other children, but, they have adjusted quickly and really enjoy being there. All I have to do is say "We're going to the Y" today and they run for their shoes and coats. There's another section designated for older kids not yet old enough to be on the floor with the exercise equipment and they can play Wii games, there's a ping-pong table and computers set up for kids to play computer games. Tabytha's used the computers to do some research for a school project and watched some tv shows she likes on YouTube.

The Y offers a couple classes kids can take part in, like a kid friendly "Zumba" class they call 'Zumbatomic' and a "family cycling" class.

I'm so glad we've been able to be a part of the YMCA and look forward to continuing our membership in the years to come and taking part in all the wonderful programs they offer for families and individuals.

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