Sunday, March 27, 2011

Her Own Room

We have a 5 people living in a 3 bedroom house. When Charlie and I found out I was pregnant with our 3rd child we had to figure out where to put new baby when baby arrived. We decided that we'd find out baby's gender and move the same gender sibling and new baby into the biggest room in the house to share. Baby #3 turned out to be a girl. That meant Tabytha would be sharing a room with new baby.

It was great for awhile while Jessi was a baby because she didn't get into much and slept in a crib. Tabytha's stuff in the girls room was safe from little ones getting into it. But, as Jessi has grown so has her curiosity about all the cool things big sister has on her side of the room. Poor Tabytha had to keep all of her things hidden around her room so John and Jessi wouldn't go in and tear it all apart. Puzzles were missing pieces, crayons and colored pencils were all over the room, books were scattered all over the floor and so on.

Over this past Christmas Charlie and I decided that we'd separate the girls room with a wall with some of the tax money we'd be getting in just a few short months. The girls room was 14'x24'. Big enough to divide and still give each girl a good size room for themselves.

This weekend was the weekend it was going to happen. My brother-in-law (Charlie's sister's husband) Keith came over bright and early Saturday morning (while Tabytha was away for the weekend with her grandmother), and built a wall. He's a carpenter and knows what he's doing so it didn't take long at all. The wall was framed in and dry wall was starting to be put up in a mere 2 hours! In the course of the rest of the day the dry wall was hung, mud applied and a door put in.

I couldn't wait for Tabytha to come home to see her 'new' room! Keith did an amazing (and quick) job of getting the wall up. Finally, Sunday was here and Tabytha was coming home. After her grandmother left from dropping her off I went back into the room with camera in hand to get her reaction when Charlie brought her back to see. Well, her eyes were closed when I took the picture of her initial reaction, but, she was super excited.

She's LOVING her new room and being able to have a door to close to keep John and Jessi out of her things. All that's left to do is have her find a paint color she likes and paint her room.

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