Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Bouncy Birthday

Today we had a joint birthday party for the girls since both their birthday's are in November. Each year we typically have the birthday party at our house and I make lots of food, spend a week cleaning the house top to bottom and getting chairs set out for the guests.

This year Charlie and I decided to nix that idea and have a birthday party for the girls at a place called "Kangaroo Kid Zone". It's on the other side of the bridge, where all of our guests would be coming from anyway. The KKZ is a room with giant inflatable moon bounce stuff like an obstacle course, 2 slides and a massive bouncy house for kids to jump around in.

The best part about it all was the facility provided set up (with cups, plates, napkins and plastic ware) and clean up!!! All we had to do was bring the food and show up! SOOO much easier on Charlie and me.

The kids all had a blast bouncing around along with quite a few of the adults. Our time was set up for an hour in the play room and then 45 minutes in the party room for food, cake and gifts. Once our time in the play room was done everyone made their way to the party room and had something to eat. The girls opened all their gifts and got a lot of wonderful stuff

I'm so glad Charlie and I did this because it was a LOT of fun for everyone and we got to come home to a clean house and not have to worry about cleaning up anything, haha.

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