Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year we were prepared for Halloween. Tabytha's mommom got her a pirate costume during one of their weekends together, my youngest sister found a ladybug outfit for Jessi at the SPEP Free Family Flea Market and I got John a "Woody" costume from Big Lots (on sale to boot!). Charlie even got in on the fun this year and went as a Fireman. John asked me what I was suppose to be and since I didn't have a costume to wear I told him I was what was known as "Paparazzi", haha.

We packed everyone up in the car and headed over to the neighborhood next to the elementary school. I put glowstick necklaces and bracelets on the kiddies and off we went. The kids were adorable and got lots of "Awe, look how cute you are" and "Oh, aren't you all just the cutest things!". I was really pleased with the kids because they all remembered to say "Thank You" at each house they got candy from.

We did a lot of walking and none of the kids got cranky or complained. I was pretty impressed. By the end of our trick-or-treating adventure John was pretty tired of me taking his picture and whenever he saw me hold up my camera he would tell me "Mommy, don't take my picture". Ah, the life of a celebrity being hounded by paparazzi, haha.

When we got home Charlie and I let the kids have a piece of candy from their buckets and then it was off to bed. Now that Halloween is done, John and Jessi like wearing their costumes around the house for playing.

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