Sunday, April 1, 2012

Friends And Fellowship

This weekend I had the opportunity to go on a Women's Retreat to the Skycroft Conference Center with one of my dearest friends, Drea.  A mutual friend of ours from a mommy group we're both in on Facebook flew in from Michigan to come, too.  Drea also invited her cousin, Anna, and another friend, Milbia.  The 5 of us carpooled to the retreat.

Friday morning I kissed Charlie and the kids goodbye and made my way over the bay bridge to meet up with Drea and Carol.  We didn't have to be at the conference center until the evening.  We picked up Anna and headed to DC to show Carol some of the sights.

After DC we picked up Milbia and made our way to the conference center.  Got our room keys and our whole group had dinner and started meeting other women there for the retreat as well.  The whole weekend was wonderful.  The weather was great and we were tucked away in the mountains.  Each session began with some fun 'getting to know you' games and praise music.  Our speaker was amazing.  I learned more than I anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed every minute I was there.  Getting to know other women in the church, spending the evenings after session with Drea, Carol and Anna and even getting in some quiet time of my own during our 'free time' Saturday afternoon.

I came home refreshed, recharged and closer to the Lord.  It was wonderful.

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