Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Picture Worth The Wait

I've always loved a good thunder storm.  I think lightning is especially beautiful.  Like our finger prints, no streak of lightning is ever the same.

Over the years I've taken several pictures of lightning from the comfort of my front porch.  I'm often asked "How did you get that picture?".  It's all about being ready and being patient.   I watch the storm for a few minutes to get a general idea of where the most lightning strikes are happening.  I turn on my camera, hunker down in my seat with my finger on the camera 'trigger' and wait.

I usually watch through the viewfinder and as soon as I see the hint of lightning I snap a picture.  I don't always get the shot on the first, second or even third try.  But, I don't give up.  I sometimes get distracted in the lightning itself and forget to even take the picture.

Of all the pictures I've taken of lightning, this one has to be, by far, the most incredible one I've taken to date.  That streak of lightning is literally cutting through a tree across the street from my house.

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