Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grandmothers Are Special

Tabytha brought home an assignment she'd done in school. It was titled "Grandmothers Are Special". While I was reading it I immediately knew which grandmother she was talking about. My mom. It was a fill in the blank paper. Here's what said (her answers are in italics). . .

"Grandmothers Are Special
Grandmothers are special in many ways. My grandmother treats me in special ways because she 'takes care of me when I am hurt' and 'talks to me on the phone.' Sometimes grandmothers have hobbies. My grandmother's hobbies are 'praising the Lord' and 'making breakfast'. My grandmother lives 'over the bridge'. When grandmothers get older they begin to change. Now that my grandmother is older, she 'has hair that changes color' and 'has a deeper voice'. My grandmother is very special because 'she loves me for who I am' and 'she loves me and I love her'. I love my grandmother."

I'm not sure about the 'deeper voice' thing, but all in all it was touching to read what makes my mom, Tabytha's grandmother, so special to her.

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  1. Once again I find myself filled with such WONDERFUL emotions! You never know what your children/grandchildren think until you hear what they say or read what they write. I am a VERY blessed parent/grandparent!