Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Step By Step

For quite a while now Jessi's been standing up independantly and cruising along the furniture and bracing herself on the wall side stepping down the hallway (when she isn't speed crawling to catch up to big brother or big sister)

This past Friday I was in the living room with her and she stood up and took 3 small steps towards me. I was able to witness her very first steps (which is not something I can say for Tabytha or John). I scooped her up in excitement and smothered her in hugs and kisses and "Good Job Baby!!!!" and "That's my girl!!!". I set her down and grabbed the camcorder and tried to get her to take a few more steps so I could record it. After about 15 minutes she still wouldn't take anymore steps, so I put the camcorder away and called Charlie to tell him what his little angel just did.

He said it was great and he was a little sad he couldn't be there to have seen it for himself so I told him I'd push her down if she tried to take anymore steps before he got home from work. (Of course I wouldn't actually push her down, but it made him feel a little better, lol)
So, when Charlie got home Friday I sat down a few feet away from Jessi and called her over to me and she took 4 small steps towards me for Charlie to see. He was so excited!!! She's so close to being a walker and she's not a year old yet.
I'm certainly ready for her to start walking. I've heard from a couple friends of mine who have a couple kids of their own that the last one was always the hardest to watch grow up. Not the case for me. I'm honestly ready for it and look forward to Jessi growing into a toddler.

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  1. Yay, Jessica! We can't wait to come celebrate your birthday and watch you walk all over the place! You and Elaina will have a great time together!