Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dinner And A Movie

Tomorrow is Charlie and my wedding anniversary. We'll be married 4 years. A lot has happened in 4 short years. I had a daughter when we met. After we were married we changed her last name from my maiden name to his name and she became his daughter. We've gone on to buy a house and have 2 more children. Busy Busy.

Last week Charlie made plans to surprise me for our anniversary. Yesterday evening my in-laws came over and I was promptly instructed to "go take a shower" and get ready to go out for the evening.

Slightly confused I look over at Charlie and he has a grin from ear to ear. He got me. I was taken by surprise, which for him, is hard to do. When he plans something that's he's excited about and knows will make me happy it's hard for him to keep quiet about it. It's sweet really.

So, I get myself ready and we head out the door. We went to TGIFriday's for dinner (which is the restaurant where we first met almost 5 years ago). We even ordered the same meal we each had on our first date. Which we weren't trying to do, we discovered that little fact half way through our meal.

After dinner we went to the mall to see a movie. We wanted to see one particular movie, but it was sold out so we settled on another movie. (based on the commercials we saw it looked kinda cool). We got our tickets, soda's and popcorn. We were both flabbergasted at the price of everything. Last time I had been in a movie theater a ticket cost about $7.50, now they're $10.25!!!!!! A medium soda was around $3.75 and a large popcorn was around $5.75. Now, the soda was actually a pretty decent size for a medium and when the guy behind the counter handed us our large popcorn my jaw dropped! It was served up in a lightly waxed paper bag, like the kind you get at a grocery store, lol. It was HUGE!!! (ok, so it wasn't exactly the size of a grocery store paper bag, but we didn't finish the popcorn and when we brought it home the remainder of it filled 2 gallon size zip top bags)

Ok, enough about the ginormous bag of popcorn. We found our seats and got comfy. The movie played and we held hands, sipped our soda's and munched some popcorn. By the time the movie was over the main portion of the mall was closed and people were being redirected out the back entrance of the theater. Well, we parked in the front of the mall. It was SUPER cold outside and we had to walk from the center of the back of the mall to the front of the mall. Our faces and hands were frozen when we finally got to our car.

We had a great evening together. It was nice to get out for the evening just the two of us.

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