Monday, January 25, 2010

What A 'Thrill'

Somewhere around 1984 when I was a small child living in Massachusetts my grandparents came for a visit. Mom, dad, grandma and granddaddy were sitting on the couch in the living room talking and the TV was on. Michael Jackson's music video "Thriller" came on.

I actually remember this very moment in my young life. The video started and I watched. When the music started and the dancers began dancing I thought I could be one of them if I danced along with them. I started mimicking the dance moves (well, the best I could).

My parents and grandparents thought it was the cutest thing. They were giggling as they watched me dance along with the video. Mom grabbed her camera and snapped a couple pictures.

Now, in 2010, my youngest daughter, 14 months old has discovered for herself the magic of dancing. She loves to bounce up and down and turn side to side in beat with the music. Many of her toys play music and she's happy. When a song is finished she claps.

A movie was on TV yesterday and in the movie the song "Thriller" was played. Jessi immediately began bouncing to the beat. I jumped off the couch and grabbed the camcorder and videotaped it. I turned the volume on the TV up so it would get picked up by the camcorder so when it's watched you'd know what the song was Jessi is dancing to.

It sent me back in time to the first time I saw the actual "Thriller" video on TV and today I called my mom and told her about Jessi dancing to the "Thriller" song like her mommy had done so many years before.


  1. What a great memory and tie in to your childhood! How great that both moments have been caught on film! Definitely something to cherish!