Friday, January 22, 2010

Potty Pops

Last weekend I buckled down and got serious with John's potty training. He's 2 1/2 now and I'd love for him to be completely potty trained by his birthday in June. Up until now he was alright with the idea of going on the potty, but never initiated going.

During the day when I would ask if he wanted to go potty he'd say "No" and run off in another direction. He would go at bedtime before brushing his teeth, but I couldn't get him to go any other time of the day.

I tried putting his 'big boy underware' on him in the hopes that wetting in regular underpants would be uncomfortable against his skin and encourage him to go on the potty. He did alright with it for a day or so, but, I'd put a pullup on him for naps and bedtime and when he'd wake up he wouldn't want to go on the potty and would go in the pullup.

I couldn't crack this one. So I gave in and decided to bribe him with treats. I told him if he made a wet on the potty I'd give him a lollipop. He perked up at the prospect of the lollipop and ran to the bathroom to sit on the potty. He did his busniness and asked for a "la la papa".

We went to the kitchen and I got him a lollipop only to discover it was the last one! I gave it to him and when he left the kitchen I searched for any other kind of candy we might have until I could get to the store to get more lollipops. I found some M&M's and I'd give him a couple after each trip to the bathroom.

That afternoon Charlie had to go to the parts store to get some things he needed to work on the car he has in the garage. He picked up a bag of lollipops for me while he was out.

Fortunately, I'm a stay-at-home mom and can focus on encouraging John to go potty during the day. I ask him every 45 minutes to an hour if he wants to go potty and he usually goes to the bathroom and does his business. (although, he won't do #2 on the potty yet, but it'll happen eventually) I tell him he did a good job going on the potty and give him a hug and say "Thank You for going on the potty buddy" he says "Ya wawa. La la papa??" (translation - "you're welcome. lollipop?"). Sure, bubby. You can have a lollipop.

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