Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas. Celebrating the birth of Christ in a beautiful Christmas Eve service at church and waking up Christmas morning, together, as a family. The kids opened their stockings first, which were filled with trinket toys and candies. While the kids opened their stockings I made a pot of coffee for myself, Charlie and our buddy, Harold, who stayed the night to celebrate Christmas with us first thing before going to his various family members houses throughout the rest of the day.

Finding a spot on the floor to take pictures and sipping on some coffee we started giving out the gifts. It was so nice to see the kids open their gifts and see the smiles on their faces and hear them exclaiming "Oh COOL!" or listen to their delighted giggles as the paper was torn away from the packaging.

After all the gifts were opened I made my way back into the kitchen and cooked up scrambled eggs and bacon for everyone. Charlie and Harold got to work gathering up the wrapping paper and packaging from gifts that had already found their way out of their packaging. After brunch the kids went back to playing with all their new goodies.

Around noon Harold said his goodbyes and headed out to go visit with his family and Charlie and I got the kids packed up in the car to go to my parents house to exchange gifts with them and spend time together. Dinner was starting to be put together when we arrived. Turkey was in the roaster and the ham was in the oven. The kids all found something to do, Charlie found his spot on the couch and talked with my Aunt Sylvia and I made my way to the kitchen to see what I could help with.

We all sat down to a delicious meal and ate more then we should. After dinner we sat down in the living room and exchanged gifts. The house was filled with conversation, laughter and thoughtful gifts. I couldn't ask for a better day. Merry Christmas to all and Happy Birthday Jesus, Thank you for your ultimate gift of eternal life.

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