Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun At A Friend's Birthday Party

Tabytha was at her biological grandparents house for the weekend and Charlie was in NJ to see his friend drag race his 6 second car. So, John, Jessica and I went to my friend's son's 1st birthday party. There was a moon bounce slide with a pool at the bottom of the slide, a clown to entertain the youngsters, a baby pool, swing set, playhouse and numerous other outdoor toys in the yard for children of all ages to play. There was also a cotton candy machine and popcorn machine along with juice boxes, hot dogs, party snacks and birthday cupcakes. You couldn't leave saying you were bored, that's for sure!
Now that it's summer time I keep John's swim trunks, a couple 'little swimmers' diapers and a dry change of clothes in the diaper bag. Shortly after arriving at the birthday party I take Jessica over to where my friend, her daughter and her son (the birthday boy) are sitting watching the clown. John is busy exploring all there is to play with in the yard and I could see him from where we were sitting. Well, about a minute after setting Jessica down I look up to see where John is. He's in the pool part of the moon bounce slide. Yup, he's still got his socks and shoes and street clothes on and climbed his way into the pool. I fetch him out and take him to an area of the yard where no one else was and get him out of his wet clothes and get his swim diaper and swim trunks on and set him free again to go play.
He had a blast. Jessica had a lot of people coo-ing over her and telling me how cute she is (which I never get tired of hearing, lol).
Time comes for all the kids to line up and take turns hitting a pinata and after all the kids have had a turn John realizes he's missed out so he goes over and he's allowed a turn. He strikes the pinata 3 times to no avail and puts his head down in disappointment, until everyone cheered for his efforts. Finally a big kid breaks it open and John runs away from all the kids jumping around trying to get candy. Once the crowd disperses he goes back to collect a few lolly pops and opens and eats two.
Two of my friend's brothers were there and one of them got John a cotton candy and he actually sat down and stayed still while he chomped down on the fluffy blue sugary goodness. John also took a few minutes from playing to munch on some popcorn and drink some of a juice box. Now it's time to sing 'Happy Birthday' to the birthday boy. John wasn't interested in that so he went to play while Jessica and I watched the birthday boy chow down on a green frosted cupcake. I forgot my camera but offered to take a few pictures for my friend (with her camera) of some of the kids playing around and got a couple pictures of her son with green frosting on his face so she could pass out cupcakes to the guests.
Jessica was an angel the whole time. She didn't fuss once. She enjoyed watching all the party fun and having people oogle over her. Jessi's friend (who's 4 months older then her) was also there with his brother, 2 sisters and mom. Jessi and her little friend laid together on the blanket I brought and drank their bottles together and 'baby talked' with each other.
It was a great afternoon celebrating a 1st birthday and being with friends.

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