Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Update

An event filled weekend for us. Charlie took Tabytha to a local "water park" to have a 'daddy/daughter' day Saturday. Well, the water park turned out to be a bust. Charlie and Tabytha were excited when they got there and their excitement was soon squashed. They weren't allowed on the water slides because Tabytha had in earrings and Charlie wouldn't take his wedding band off. Charlie didn't have anywhere to put Tabytha's earrings or his wedding band so they stayed off the slides. Charlie tried to play around in the deeper end of the wading pool and was quickly told to settle down. So, after about 2 hours of floating around not being able to play they headed home. Tabytha didn't think it was all bad and she was happy to have some alone time with her daddy. Saturday evening a small thunder storm rolled through, but I already had plans to grill outside. So, after the rain passed I went out and got the grill going and put hefty trash bags on a couple of the deck chairs and Tabytha dried off the kid picnic table and we enjoyed some grilled chicken, ribs and corn on the cob on the back deck. Charlie filled the small pool John got for his birthday and Tabytha and John played around in the pool for an hour or so. It was a nice relaxing evening with the family.
Sunday was a busy day for us. It was Charlie and my niece's 2nd birthday. (Charlie's sister's daughter). The birthday party was at 2pm. I put John and Jessi down for early naps so they wouldn't go without a nap completely before we needed to leave for their cousin Shelby's birthday party. Got all the kids packed up in the car and headed to Aunt Faye's. We made a quick stop at the Outlet Center for Charlie to get a pair of sneakers real quick then we made our way over the bay bridge. Just before we get on the bay bridge Tabytha tells us her tummy was upset. We figure she's just hungry and tell her it won't be long before we get to Aunt Faye's house and she can have a burger or hot dog when we get there. Just after we get off the bridge Tabytha gets sick. She covered her mouth with both hands trying her best to keep it from getting all over the car. I pulled over under and overpass, put the emergency flashers on and got out to help clean her up. She got it all over the front of her and some found its way onto the back of Charlie's arm and shirt sleeve. Well. Now the car has a bit of a stink to it and it was warm day and Charlie didn't want to smell like vomit and I didn't want Tabytha running around smelling like it either. We cleaned her up the best we could with the baby wipes and headed right to the new Target in Annapolis to get Tabytha a change of clothes and Charlie and clean tee shirt. I hadn't been in the new Target in Annapolis and was blown away by the building when we came to it. It's the Target shopper's "Mecca". It's massive. I've never seen anything like it. It's a 3 level building with a parking garage. So, we find our way into Target and Charlie gets a shirt and Tabytha picks out an outfit. We pay and finish our 'journey' to Aunt Faye's house. We finally get there around 3:30pm (an hour and a half late, and 2 1/2 hours from the time we left our house). Charlie and Tabytha get changed and cleaned up a little bit more. Luckily we hadn't missed much of Shelby's party. The party was great. There was good food, a moon bounce for the kids to play on and a field outside of their backyard fence for kids to run around and play. We brought a blanket for Jessica to lay/crawl around on, John kind of did his own thing and kept to himself for awhile and Tabytha played with some of the other children there. Although we were late getting there we didn't miss Shelby opening her presents or the beautiful princess castle birthday cake Faye made. Shelby got a lot of wonderful gifts. We got her a personalized Sesame Street book and a battery operated bubble blower (all the fun of bubbles without getting the bubble soap all over you, lol).
So, despite the 'obstacles' during our drive to and showing up late to Shelby's birthday party, everyone had a great time celebrating our niece's 2nd birthday and spending time with family.
We love you Shelby and we're so glad we were able to celebrate your birthday with you sweetie!

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  1. Man, that weekend had potential disaster written all over it. I'm so sorry the water park was a bust. Poor Tabytha, getting sick is bad enough but then to get sick in the car and feel like you made a mess in front of everybody. That poor little girl! I'm so glad to hear everything worked out. And as many times as I have passed that target, I have YET to go in there. I'll have to check it out.