Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This Friday our son, John, will be 2. It's hard to believe. I wonder where the time went sometimes. But, here we are. The week of our son's 2nd birthday. Earlier in May I placed an order for two personalized Sesame Street books for John. I gave a little bit of information and the people who make the books put John into the story as one of the characters. One book is titled "John Discovers the ABC's on Sesame Street" and the other book is titled "John Helps Elmo Count". The order came pretty quickly and the books have been here for a couple weeks now. Last week I ordered John a 'rollercoaster' from Toys 'R' Us. It was a little more expensive then I thought it would be, but after reading the 17 customer reviews of the product, I was convinced it was worth the price. EVERY single reviewer gave the rollercoaster a "5 Star" rating for fun. So, I ordered it and yesterday I received it from UPS.

Charlie isn't going to be home Friday (John's actual birthday) so, since we had John's gifts already we went ahead and set up the rollercoaster last night. He loved it! He didn't seem as interested in the books, but that's ok with me for now. His attention span isn't that great and for now he just wanted to play with his new toy.

We're having a birthday party/cookout for John this weekend and I think all the kids that are coming will have a lot of fun taking turns on the rollercoaster, along with the moonbounce we have, swing set and play house. It's gonna be a hectic day, but I'm looking forward to it.


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  2. That's so cool! Why didn't they have one of these when we were kids? LOL about the books. My mom handmade me a Raggedy Ann and put in the seat of a big wheels one Christmas. She said, "You came down the steps Christmas morning, threw Raggedy Ann on the floor and promptly ran over her with your Big Wheels." LOL Kids.