Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adventures In Potty Training

Up until this week John really hasn't shown any interest in using the toilet. No biggie. I wasn't going to pressure him into potty training. I've been waiting for cues from him that he's ready for going potty like a big boy and getting out of diapers. Sure, a few times in the shower he may have wet down the drain, but that hardly counts as 'ready' to go on the potty.

Monday I was feeding Jessica and heard the back bathroom toilet lid slam shut. Jessica was secure in her highchair so I go back to see what John was up to. He was playing in the toilet, soaked head to toe with toilet water. (Luckily whoever was last to use it remembered to flush). So, I send him to his room for a 2 minute time-out. When his time is up I go into his room, sit on the floor to be eye level with him and tell him playing in the potty is a "No-No", but making a 'wet' in the potty is good.

He pointed to his diaper and then to the hallway bathroom door. I asked him if he wanted to make a wet in the potty and he turned back to me and shook his head 'yes' and hummed "uh-hum". So, I strip his wet clothes off, take off his diaper and he takes my hand and leads me across the hall to the bathroom.

The toilet seat is too tall for him to stand on the floor and be able to aim inside the bowl, and the step stool makes him stand too tall over the toilet seat and he'd aim over the bowl. So, I pick him up under his arm pits and he goes potty in the toilet. When I set him down I praised him and gave him a 'High Five', then he brushes past me and puts the seat AND lid down and flushes the potty!!!! I give him more praise, clap my hands and give him a hug.

So, everyday I've been encouraging him to use the potty more and more. I discovered yesterday that Tabytha's old car booster seat stands John at the toilet bowl just right. The toilet bowl isn't too high he can't aim inside the bowl and he's not standing so high above it that he'll miss the bowl. It's perfect. I'll ask John if he wants to go potty and he'll shake his head yes and run to the bathroom to go potty. Even if he can only manage a little tinkle I praise him for it, and then he put the seat and lid down and flushes.

We had a small mishap this morning. Just after I was finished my shower and began drying myself off Tabytha comes in and tells me John stripped his diaper off and"pooped on the floor". Oy!!! So, I dry off quickly, get dressed and go clean up the mess off the living room floor. It made me wonder if he's ready to try making a 'stinky' on the potty, but I figure he should get a little better wetting in the potty first and then we'll tackle making #2 on the potty.

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