Monday, July 6, 2009

Growing Up

I've posted quite a few blogs about the kids, and yet, I haven't written much about our youngest one, Jessica. She's just over 7 months old now. She's a joy to have in our lives. Tabytha and John adore her. She's been sleeping through the night since around 5 months old. She's on a regular sleeping 'schedule' now and I can put her down for her nap or for the night without having to wait for her to fall asleep before putting her in her crib. Which is great. I can just put her in her crib at nap or bed time and know she'll get herself to sleep. Routine is awesome.
Jessica has 2 teeth (one top and one bottom) and another bottom tooth just recently broke through her gums. Along with her regular bottle feedings she has Gerber baby food. She loves squash. She eats more Gerber veggies then fruits.
Jessi began crawling at 6 months old! Before she could even sit up by herself. A lot earlier then John and Tabytha did. (Tabytha didn't crawl until 10 months and John began 'army' crawling at 7 months then moved onto hands and knees crawling about a month later). Jessica just got up on her hands and knees one day and figured it out! Same thing with sitting up by herself. One day she just did it! I didn't position her or place tons of pillows around her. She just sat herself up and stayed there. It was a beautiful and surprising thing to see.
Just this past weekend she began pulling herself up on the couch and standing up. She seems to be flying through milestones, I guess she needs to so she can keep up with Tabytha and John. Soon enough she'll be walking. But not yet, and that's fine with me!
(Side note: the dress Jessi is wearing in the picture was my dress from when I was a baby!)


  1. she is adoarable

  2. That is so awesome that she's wearing a dress from your infanthood. That's so COOL. I don't think my mom saved any of that stuff. How neat to be able to do all that. Yay for sleeping well! Elaina is flying through her milestones, too, but it's definitely affecting the peace around here. ;0)

  3. I've got 3 kids. There hasn't been peace in my house since. . .well. . .I can't remember when, LMBO! My mom actually found a few baby clothes from when I was a baby when I was pregnant with John. Tabby never got to wear them, but, when Jessi outgrows my baby clothes I'll set them aside and use them and some of Tabby's clothes from her toddlerhood and some of Jessi's baby clothes to make lap quilts for the girls. Maybe I'll take some of John's old baby clothes and make one for him, too.